Message fro Dean Hawkins.

The Roach are definitely returning to the River Kennet at Padworth. Take a look at the Roach in the photo which was caught on October 10th. It weighed just under a pound, and was in perfect condition.




CALPAC along with Thatcham AA and RDAA have been awarded a significant grant from the Kennet Valley Fisheries Association.
This grant is to pay for Habitat improvement works on the Southern Channel of the River Kennet at our Padworth fishery.

The Southern Channel had the most prolific spawning habitat on the fishery, but this had declined over recent years. The proposed works intend to reverse the decline, and restore the habitat to its former glory.

A restocking project will coincide with the works, which will be carried out by the EA. They will also be contributing their own section of work on the project, to further enhance the habitat.

Look out for further updates on the website, Instagram and Twitter.


Message from Dean Hawkins (Fisheries Officer)

Please visit our Screen Shot 2018-08-09 at 07.46.16 and Screen Shot 2018-04-14 at 19.53.01 feeds for some interesting and exciting news


Your Name:
Ray Wilkinson

Membership Nº (if member) if not, please put your initials: 14

Your Email Address:

Venue: Sulhamsted

Date of report: 20.8.18.

Subject: Southwark & Camberwell A.S. Match

Report: Result Bernard West won with 9lb 8oz 8dr, including this 4lb Barbel, Brian West was second with 6lb 12, with Ray Wilkinson on 2lb 14oz third.



Message from the Fisheries Officer

Just to prove that catch rates at Sulhamstead and Padworth, are set to continue to rise, check out the following links:

Sulhamstead Map

Please read all of the Fisheries Officer's reports, to see how many different species of fish are being introduced to the river. This work is set to continue indefinitely.

Padworth Fisheries report

Your Name: Dean Hawkins

Membership Nº (if member) if not, please put your initials: DA

Your Email Address:

Venue: Padworth & Sulhamstead

Date of report: 30/07/2018

Subject: Roach and Chub

Report: Myself and Ken Swan trotted maggots at Sulhamstead and Padworth, catching small Chub and Roach all day.
These are the first small Roach and Chub we have both seen at Padworth for many years.
The future for Padworth is looking Rosy at last!!

Hillingdon Council in collaboration with The Canals and Rivers Trust, are proposing the following Towpath improvements on part of our Grand Union Canal fishery. This work is scheduled to start in early August, and should last between 4 - 5 weeks.

Drawing 2- Rev A proposed Rail Bridge to half length


Hi Denise,

As discussed the other week we are looking for a young person to join us full time and would be much obliged if you could post the vacancy for us.

We are looking for, ideally a school leaver, to join our team on a full time basis. We can arrange for a Nescot course to be taken as we understand that school leavers have to be in some sort of additional education until 18 years of age.

The candidate will have to have knowledge of fishing and be prepared to be flexible on working hours as obviously this trade is very seasonal.  The candidate will need to be friendly, polite and courteous as dealing with the general public.  We feel that this position holds a future for a young person to progress with us. We are a friendly family orientated business and feel that this position would be rewarding.

Any persons that feel this opportunity is of interest should send their CV to:

Cheam Angling Limited
705 London Road
North Cheam,
Surrey SM3 9DL
020 8330 4787

Provide us with contact information or can telephone leaving their contact details so that we can arrange an interview.

Many thanks Denise for your help in this matter.



Could all anglers on CALPAC Fisheries, please put fish welfare first during this hot dry spell. Avoid using keepnets, and give fish more recovery time before releasing them.

'CALPAC now have a twitter account
Screen Shot 2018-04-14 at 19.53.01, which we would love you to

start following. It will contain fishery updates and all important news about work parties etc. We will continue to grow the Twitter account to reflect our already very successful website.

Invitation and agenda for the 2018 AGM

Click here for PDF Ltr of invite to AGM 2018

Click here for PDF Agenda for CALPAC AGM 26 March 2018

Delegates Meeting Dates 2018

Monday 5 th February 2018 (SO) *
Monday 26 th March 2018 (AGM) **
Monday 9 th April 2018
Monday 14 th May 2018
Monday 4 th June 2018
Monday 2 nd July 2018
Monday 6 th August 2018
Monday 3 rd September 2018
Monday 1 st October 2018
Monday 5 th November 2018
Monday 3 rd December 2018
* Standing Orders
** Annual General Meeting


Work Party Dates 2018

Manor Pond - Saturday 17 th March 2018 9am - 3pm
Yalding Two River Medway – Saturday 24 th March 2018 9am – 3pm
Cobham River Mole – Saturday 7 th April 2018 – 9am – 3pm
Padworth River Kennet – Saturday 12 th May 2018 9am – 3pm
Cobham River Mole – Saturday 9 th June 2018 - 9am – 3pm

Message from the Web Site Manager.

Reports have come in that the contact sheet is being filled in but the reports are not finding their way onto the web site.
The contact Form has been modified to send the reports direct to the web site manager who will act as moderator and post the comments on the relevant web page.
Dean Hawkins Fisheries Officer sent this message.
As you can see from the photo, the summer weed cutting on our Snargate fishery has taken place. The fishery should remain weed free now for the rest of the season. This will offer the visiting angler a good chance of catching one of the Crucian Carp or Tench that have been stocked over the last few years, and also the resident Pike to lure, deadbait or fly


Sulhamstead Fishery
A visit to the Sulhamstead fishery, culminated in the first ever Barbel for Rick Mitchell. After a fruitless day at Padworth, Rick who was a fishing guest of the fisheries officer Dean Hawkins, moved onto the Sulhamstead fishery. After a few hours of trying different swims and baits, he struck into the 5lb Barbel. Along with the few Chub and Roach caught by Dean, it turned out to be a good days fishing, on a very pretty fishery. (From Dean Hawkins)

5lb Barbel, Rick Mitchell

From Dean Hawkins

The car park and fishery pathway has been cut at Snargate, as can be seen from the accompanying photos. The summer weed cut in the fishery is planned for, on or around 15th July.



For those planning a trip to the River Mole at Cobham will find the fishery in excellent condition, because the pathway along the Convent section has been cut again. The fishery has never looked so good, and swims have never been so accessible since CALPAC took on the fishery. 


From Dean Hawkins

A short evening session on the Yalding Two fishery, yielded two nice Bream to float fished sweetcorn. The first was 1 1/2lb, with the second weighing a reasonable 4lbs. Not bad for a 16th June opening day short session. 
The fishery is in excellent condition, with many swims along the Medway and Beult very easily accessible. 



Message from Head Bailiff STEW PONDS Alf Duffy

14/06/2017 - All  anglers at the stew pond had a great day, carp, bream and tench were caught, biggest carp 21lb common.


See the fabulous work carried out at PADWORTH
Making it the "Jewel in the Crown" of the CALPAC fisheries

click above
Hi carmel,  
We purchased day tickets for sulhamstead for the 10th of March. I phoned John Bygrave for tickets, but he was away in Scotland at the time, so spoke to his brother Brian. A very informative and helpful fellow. Anyway, brian asked me to let him know how we got on! 
As I can find no direct email link for either, I wondered if you would be kind enough to pass on the following for me.....

We fished in a few different swims on the day, but finally settled on the right hand bent where the river meets the canal, just prior to the weir. We thrashed the water into foam in our efforts, but to no avail. After 5 hours we had not even a sign of a bite. We then decided to pack up and call it a day! I threw all my baits into a crease where the river meets the canal. Worms, maggots, meat, every thing!  I hair rigged a lump of lunch meat on my trusty barbel rod and tossed it into the bait storm while i packed up my gear. BANG!! The law of sod! Caught 2 fish in a 30 min spell. Think you will agree by photos that fishing is still a baffling sport, but also glorious one when the fishing god shines down on you!
Started with a 10lb 6oz Barbel. Next cast a stunning 13lb 4oz Mirror Carp. Landed on 8lb mainline and a hair rigged size 14 to 6lb. Hope this helps. And thanks for your help.

See Venue Catches for Photos

The March AGM Minutes are ready for your perusal
click here

The work party season is now underway, with the first one being carried out at Manor Pond on Saturday 18th March.
The following people were in attendance: David Wing, Dean Hawkins, David Bedwani, Dale Aldridge, Phil Oakeshott, Malcolm Corner and John Bygrave, and all gave a sterling performance in the art of caring for a fishery. The day started with the Rhododendrons and Bamboo being cut back along the pathways around the fishery, and the all the leaves and debris raked up to make access very easy. The day concluded with the removal of a large Birch tree being removed from the lake which was a monumental task, but has now ensured none of the large Carp will end up tethered to the tree attached to 'an angler's rig'.
All in all, we are sure that both the Manor Pond regulars and new visitors, will find the fishery very much to their liking.

To all CALPAC Affiliated Club Secretaries , Delegates. & Members
Dear Secretary/Delegate,
General Secretary:
Mrs Carmel Jones 8 Avondale Road South Croydon, Surrey CR2 6JA Tel No 07500 926742
10th March 2017
CALPAC Annual General Meeting Monday 20th March 2017 at 8.00pm The Thomas Wall Centre, 52, Benhill Avenue, Sutton, Surrey. SM1 9DP
You are invited to attend the CALPAC Annual General Meeting to be held on the above date and venue. I have enclosed a copy of the agenda for your information.
Please make every effort to attend the meeting as we would very much appreciate your input. If you are unable to attend please let me know when your apologies will be recorded.
On behalf of the CALPAC committee we look forward to seeing you on the 20th March 2016.
Yours faithfully
Carmel Jones CALPAC General Secretary

Sulhamstead fish 05/03/2017 a magnificent
Chub 5lb + landed (Caught by lure)

See photo on Venue Catches

Snargate is now filled and ready to fish see photos

Fished for an hour at Snargate this afternoon to check if the fish had returned after the de-silting. As you can see from the attached photo, the Pike have! Caught on a lure, last cast of the short session. Please spread the good news via the website. (24/02/2017)
Snargate Pike 24.02.2017


More Snargate news for the website,
One hundred 10" Green Tench were stocked into the Snargate fishery on Wednesday 8th February. These fish will flourish in the fishery now it has been desilted, and with the 550 Crucian Carp which were stocked last year, anglers will soon reap the rewards of a well managed fishery. 

: Take a look at the Work Party Page and see what your Fisheries Officer Dean Hawkins has been up to

Brown Trout, which was 9lb 14oz.  I caught it last Thursday at Padworth, whilst targeting the elusive Barbel! 

Dean Hawkins Fisheries Officer

Dean Hawkins Brown Trout 9lb 14oz

The Speringbrook Sewer at Snargate, between Arrowhead Lane and Mock Mill, has received a 'Summer Weed Cut' by the EA. This is the first time it has happened since I have been a member, so I urge all of you to give it a try, it looks magnificent! 

The car Park and pathway have also been cut, making access to all of the swims very easy.


3 Books have got astray in the Post
1, CALPAC Club Book Nº 78
1, WADAS Book Nº 21
1 BCAA Book Nº 1946
Please confiscate the book/s and report the findings to your local Police & to John Bygrave (020 8777 9489) or David Adby :



*except on certain dates that will be advised
ONE month in advance


This seasons books can be bought from these two outlets:

Cheam  Angling
705, London Road
 North Cheam
SM5 9AP.

Surbiton Angling
31, Station Road
      Hinchley Wood
KT10 0SR


AGM Invitation and Agenda

Letter invite to CALPAC AGM 2016

Agenda for CALPAC AGM 21 March 2016

Manor Pond: Saturday 9th April 2016
River Mole Cobham: Saturday 23rd April 2016
Speringbrook Sewer Snargate: Saturday 7th May 2016
River Kennet Bulls Lock: Saturday 14th May 2016
River Kennet Padworth: Saturday 11th June 2016

All Work Parties Start at 9am and finish at 3pm

Latest News on Speringbrook Sewer

'420 x 4" - 5" Crucian Carp and 130 x 5" - 6" Crucian Carp were stocked into the Speringbrook Sewer at Snargate on the 16th January 2016. This is part of CALPAC's ongoing policy of providing excellent fisheries and value for money for all members'.

Crucian Carp being released at Snargate

IMG_1070 2 IMG_1073 2 IMG_1069 2

IMG_1076 2

Click below to see video of Crucian Carp being released at Snargate

Message from Dean Hawkins 14/10/2015:
The weed has been cut, the water levels are good and the fishery is well worth a visit for a spot of Pike fishing.

Manor Pond
Convent Lane at the seven (7) Hills end will be closed from Monday 10th August 2015 for at least two (2) weeks, access will be via the Portsmouth Road end.


as from 26/06/2015

Please NOTE!
BALLS GREEN MATCH LAKE & SMALL LAKE have had their leases terminated
SKEYNES FARM has had its lease terminated
These Venues are no longer fishable with a CALPAC permit.

Work party at the River Mole@ Cobham see
photos here

June7th April 8th & 9th 2015 Work Party at Padworth see photos here

'Manor Pond will be closed between 8am - 3pm on Saturday 21st March, due to a work party taking place'.

Due to leasing problems BALLS GREEN WORK PARTY HAS BEEN CANCELLED see here

It is with deep regret that CALPAC have been informed of the Passing of Trevor James Monday 16th February due to cancer
He was a long standing general bailiff who travelled all of our waters for many years.
His reports and on bank actions will be missed.

For all concerned CALPAC will now be publishing the bi monthly minutes, this is for complete transparency in the running of the Association.
Here are the date for the DELEGATES MEETINGS for 2015
2nd February 2015
30th March 2015 A.G.M. All Member are welcome to attend.
13th April 2015
1st June 2015
3rd August 2015
5th October 2015
7th December 2015

The committee has decided that because of the lack of commitment to work parties by members, and the extra cost of using outside contractors they have no option but to put a surcharge of £10.00 on the price of the senior member book, which will not apply to the members who attend an official work party. This surcharge will start for the 2015-2016 season.

The date for the CALPAC AGM is Monday 30th March 2015, time 8pm, venue: The Thomas Wall Centre, 52 Benhill Avenue, Sutton, Surrey SM1 4DP. Please feel free to come along, as your voice can ensure CALPAC delivers the best angling opportunities for you, as well as all other members.

Manor Pond

A new sign has been errected at Manor Pond

As from Today 15th November The Stew Pond is now reopened.
The EA have given The Stew Pond a clean bill of health and is now reopened for anglers to try their luck, unfortunately some of the very large fish perished during the deoxygenation, but this will allow the more fortunate fish that survived to have more food and get bigger.

Due to deoxegenation of the water and dead fish showing it has been decided to close the Stew Pond until further notice. The EA are involved in the investigation of this grave problem.

Fishing Gossip.

It was mentioned at the September 2014 meeting that a double figure BARBEL was landed somewhere along the CALPAC stretch of the Mole, also reported an 11lb BREAM was landed at Manor Pond during the month of August, both members declined to give the exact location and their names so this can only be reported as gossip!


Padworth Night Fishing
The following amendment has been made to the rules governing night fishing at Padworth; Anglers holding a current night permit, will no longer need to book in with the Membership Secretary for the following nights: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.
The booking system will still operate on Friday, Saturday and Sunday night.

With the help of the EA, we lifted the Ash Tree canopy to the right of the steps swim, and cut and secured the Alder which was growing across from the island, to create new habitat for the fish. 


The Padworth fishery will be undergoing work on the
20th, 21st and 22nd August. The fishery will not be closed but members are warned, there may be some disruption to their fishing and they may be asked to move swims to allow works to take place. We are extremely sorry for any inconvenience this may cause, but without these essential works taking place, members will not be able to enjoy the real rewards, that Padworth will be able to offer.

After discussions with E&EBC the Lease for the Stew Pond has been renewed this coming season, so will now be managed / bailiffed by CALPAC
As from 15th July 2014 CALPAC will be responsible for the management / Bailiffing of this water for one season only.

River Beult
The River Beult section of the Yalding 2 Fishery will be closed on Saturday 5th July. This is to allow us to complete the tree pruning aspect of our 3 year fishery plan.


The Padworth Fishery has undergone extensive works during the close season, to ensure the anglers experience is more comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. We would like to request, that members are sympathetic to the works that were carried out, and refrain from disturbing any 'new' plants in or around the swims. Members are permitted as usual, to trim any 'established' plants that may be inhibiting their fishing experience.

To ALL Affiliated Club Secretaries, Bailiffs, Life Members
To all those members that have received the Monthly Minutes in the past - Are you still receiving them? If not then please contact the Members Secretary Denise Wheeler - E-mail: and ask to be put on the mailing list.

Flood Damage Yalding 1
It has been reported that there is debris on the towpath and that the footbridge about halfway along the fishery has been moved by the flood and is unstable and should be used with caution: see photos below. Thanks to Ray Wilkinson for the photos





Flooding at Padworth
Thanks to Laurie Hopgood for the photos

Padworth floods jan 2014 001-3

Padworth floods jan 2014 002-3


The River Mole @ Cobham (CALPAC Section) having it's yearly injection of fish to conform to the European Water Framework Directive on biodiversity of rivers in the UK. This will continue until such time the biodiversity levels have reached the recommended levels.



Snargate have had an injection of new stock from the EA last week 4th November,
fish from Calverton Fish Farm were being delivered today! Stock them into the Speringbrook . The fish being stocked for the trial period, were; 100 Crucian Carp, 150 Roach, 150 Rudd and 50 Green Tench. This will hopefully help to begin a new chapter in the life of the Speringbrook Sewer. See photos below x 2

Speringbrook sewer 2 stocking 041113

Speringbrook sewer stocking 041113

Bogus Bailiffs
If you are approached by a bailiff and asked for your EA licence and or fishing permit / day ticket and they are not displaying their ID ask to see theirs first, if they do not have an ID then if possible photograph them and report them to the EA and or your local police.
There has been reports of bogus EA bailiffs giving on the spot fines. EA bailiffs when checking permits / licences always work in pairs and will have their ID on display and will NOT give on the spot fines.

Have you caught a "Specimen" if so download our "Specimen Claim Form here
Specimen Claim Form

Please Note.
All our STILL Waters are now Cefas Certified as of 04/07/09

CALPAC Bailiff Recruitment.

CALPAC want to recruit three more bailiffs for our stretch of the GUC (between bridge 191 and 200 Yiewsley to Hayes) the work is voluntary but the bailiff will receive a percentage of each day ticket sold. day ticket books, warrant card are provided free if you are interested contact

Mr John Bygrave 020 8777 9489

To All our Members who would like an update on CALPAC matters.
CALPAC have a Delegates meeting at which the Affiliated Clubs are represented and so are the ordinary members, the affiliated clubs get a copy of the minutes of the Delegates meeting sent to their members secretary but to get this information to our ordinary members we need to have your contact details.
By filling in the
contact form giving your membership number and your e-mail address we will add you to our e-mail list and you will get a copy of the Delegates meeting. if you have any query about any of the meetings you can ask a question using the contact form and we will do our best to include it in the next meeting, we cannot guarantee replying to all the questions submitted but they will be voiced at the appropriate meeting.
A great deal of work is being done at the moment to improve our members experience of our waters and we do need feed back to enable us to come up with the goods. What must be stated is that CALPAC is a fully Voluntary Association and the funds come only from our members subscriptions
Our meetings are held at The Thomas Wall Centre, 52 Benhill Avenue, Sutton Surrey. SM1 9DP. First Monday of the month except when it is a Bank Holiday then it will be the second Monday.
Time of the meeting is from 8:00pm till 10:00pm.
You have to be a current member to use this facility.

River Kennet Padworth
CALPAC & TAA (Thatcham Angling Association) have made an agreement whereby TAA members can fish the CALPAC stretch of the River Kennet at Padworth and Bulls Lock.
CALPAC rules apply to ALL, including the NEW rule of
NO BOILIES to be taken on to or used on these venues.
The agreement will be posted as soon as it is signed and scanned into this and the TAA website.
Start date for the agreement is
Saturday 21st September 2013 at dawn.

Rod licence SCAM
Do NOT buy your rod licence from they will surcharge to the sum of a minimum of £11:00. Look on the web and see the warnings given out by fishing periodicals and The Angling Trust.

You should either buy from the POST OFFICE or on line from this address: EA will NOT charge you for applying on line.

Good news, Snargate has had an injection of new fish, approximately 250 Rudd (between 6 - 8oz) and 30 Carp (between 1 - 7lb) in section 'A' on the members map.

CLOSED during the 'CLOSE' Season
15th March - 15th June

Day Tickets Pulborough, These can be obtained from the Treasurer, John Bygrave. 419, Wickham Road, Croydon, CR0 8DP Tel 020 8777 9489.

Day Tickets can be bought from The Corn Store (Swan Bridge) Tuesday through to Sunday during shop opening hours.
Mon - Closed
Tue - Fri - 9.30am - 4.30pm
Sat - 10.00am - 4.30pm
Sun - 11.00am - 4.30pm.
You MUST have a current EA rod licence before fishing any CALPAC venue.

Day tickets are available at Teapot Island (Closed for the winter), contact Mr or Mrs Blazye. Fishing allowed between dawn and dusk during the coarse fishing season. (15th June to 14th March)

Clarification of rules at Stew Pond. There has been confusion regarding the use of bivvies and tents at Stew Pond. We have obtained a clear ruling from Epsom and Ewell Council that you are NOT allowed to erect any tent or bivvy at the Stew Pond. UMBRELLAS ONLY can be used as shelters & NO FIRES OF ANY DESCRIPTION ARE ALLOWED ON THIS VENUE. Bailiffs have been made aware of this.

Keep Nets:
All Anglers, remember use of keep net is restricted to MATCHES only, see
RULE 4 (Fisheries), Club Members books & Associate Members books. During the hot weather with low oxygen levels it is detrimental to keep any fish in keep nets, please be responsible and restrict the use of keep nets to club matches only - bailiffs will enforce this ruling by asking the offender to leave the fishery.

I have very kindly been given the translation from O/S location to GPS location by Colin DANN, many thanks Colin.
For Rota Bookings click here
CALPAC Data Protection Policy
Membership details including name, address, telephone Nº and date of birth are held for each member of CALPAC in electronic format on a computer.
Why does CALPAC hold membership data and what is it used for?
CALPAC uses membership data to assist with the effective running of Club activities. Confirmation of membership details may also be required by our insurers in the event of potential claims arising from the actions of Club members or from activities organised by CALPAC.
CALPAC may share aggregated membership data (no personal details) with third parties in order to secure commercial sponsorship or grant funding. No third party will be permitted by the club to contact members without prior permission being obtained from the members concerned. No third party will be permitted to use membership data for any purpose which may impact on the legal rights or welfare of the members without the express permission of the individuals concerned. CALPAC may distribute appropriate promotional material on behalf of third parties, such as  sponsors, to members from time to time together other with Club information.
Can members gain access to their personal record held by CALPAC
Unless restricted by law, all members may request a copy of their own membership data held by the club by applying in writing to the Membership Secretary. The club is entitled to charge a fee of up to £10 for this service. A club member may only obtain access to their own record and not data about any other individual.