Manor Pond Work Party. Saturday 2nd June saw the last work party organised by me take place at Manor Pond.  The day began with a discussion about what needed to be done, with the consensus of opinion being that the trees lying in the lake would be left to the professionals, because we were only four of number. We then set about pruning and clipping the Rhododendrons, cutting back the Bamboo along the pathway and removing sunken detritus from the lake. Once all was completed, a slice of Rhubarb and Raspberry Crumble Cake was enjoyed by all. 20180602_112228.png

Yalding 2 Work Party 19 th May 2018

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Padworth work party Saturday 12th May 2018

Another successful work party completed at Padworth on the River Kennet thanks to Thatcham AA. Five of their willing members plus one Calpac member and myself, strimmed all the swims, cut back some overhanging tree limbs and lowered part of the tree canopy towards the end of the fishery. 

This was done to allow more sunlight to penetrate this section, to encourage Macrophyte growth. Without these valuable plants in the river, we will not see the return of the Barbel and Chub so needed at this time. 

Once again cake was the order of the day for everyone who helped. Just look at what you're all missing, along with the camaraderie on the day!

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Saturday 28th April saw the start of the 2018 work parties for CALPAC. I was joined by one member, whom I would like to thank for all his help on the day.

We set about clearing some fallen trees on the section between the two bridges, which did not take too long. We then moved onto the car park to give that a big clear up. We managed to create an area for approximately four cars to park. This car park will now serve both the River Mole and work as an overspill for the Manor Pond car park. 

We both enjoyed the Victoria Sponge and Oat and Raisin Cookies, which were baked by my partner Liz. If you fancy a slice of cake and a rebate of £10 on your membership, then join us at the next work party on Saturday 12th May at Padworth on the River Kennet. 

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Important UPDATE

Due  to the recent bad weather the work party booked for the River Mole on Saturday 7th April has now been cancelled. The list below contains all the new dates for season 2018. I am sorry for any inconvenience caused by this, but we have just experienced one of the coldest and wettest months' of March on record. 

Work Party Dates 2018

River Mole Cobham: Saturday April 28th 2018
River Kennet Padworth: Saturday 12th May 2018
River Medway/Beult Yalding Two: Saturday 19th May 2018
Manor Pond Cobham: Saturday 2nd June 2018


'Please check the website on Thursday 5th April too see if the River Mole Work Party is going ahead. If river levels remain dangerously high it will be cancelled as member safety is paramount'.

Please Volunteer. How much or how little you do WILL make a difference to YOUR fisheries

Dean Hawkins has posted these photos of the work party at PADWORTH
Saturday 20th May was the date of my final work party for this season, and also a chance for me to renew old acquaintances with my regular volunteers from Thatcham AA.
The day at Padworth started with the customary cup of tea and Lemon Drizzle Cake, followed by some jovial banter and a run through of what was to be done. As you will see from the photos below, the car park has been cut, along with a pathway along the entire length of the fishery, with adjacent pathways cut to every swim. A fringe was left at the end of every swim, providing some cover for the angler who likes to remain hidden. A few of the trees in the steps swim and aquarium swim were pruned to allow the angler to cast and hook a fish without the problems of their line being snagged in the branches which were starting to encroach to close to the river.
Lunch was then taken, with the added bonus of a delicious Chocolate and Fudge Sponge being shared amongst us all. A final run through with the mower, ensured that the pathway was wide enough to allow anglers with their various pieces of tackle and equipment to wander the length of the fishery with ease.
This was a really nice way to sign off for another year, knowing that the Fishery Fairies have sprinkled their magic dust again, so all members and visiting anglers enjoy our wonderful fisheries, in delightful surroundings.

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20170520_141548 20170520_135607 20170520_135737
Saturday 22nd April saw the third work party of 2017. Which I have to say, after the disappointment of the Yalding work party which consisted of 'ME', six members turned up, giving a total of seven including me, so what a reassuring feeling I now have regarding the goodness of humankind.
The following members are the ones who helped me complete all the tasks on the day, and also consume the Coffee and Walnut Cake my partner Liz had baked for us:
Graham Walker, John Walker, Ken Swan, David Jackson, Gerry Risbridger and Frank Sperring.
As you will see from the accompanying photos, Burhill Estates had already cut a pathway the complete length of the Convent section, including pathways to each swim, which left us to cut a pathway between the two road bridges on the road section, and tidy and prepare the swims.
The fishery is undoubtedly in the best condition now since CALPAC acquired it, with all the match swims easily accessible, and the whole of the road section accessible with some new swims created.
I would like to take this opportunity to say a heartfelt thank you to the above named members for making my day extremely easy, and contributing so much to the future of the river Mole as one of CALPAC's premier fisheries.

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Dean Hawkins (Fisheries Officer)

On Saturday April 1st, I embarked on a lonely work party at our Yalding Two fishery, being that I was the only person who turned up. Never the less, I am not one to feel downhearted, and started work on the fishery to hopefully make it easier for Lewisham AC should they continue their good work on the fishery in June.

I removed branches from a fallen Crack Willow Tree, which may have impeded access to a couple of swims, and cut back nettles along the whole fishery, to make swim access much easier during the summer months. I also removed a couple of overhanging branches on one particular swim, which were obviously proving to be a magnet for anglers tackle, as I removed a couple of floats, with line, shot and hooks attached, not exactly the best advert for angling and anglers alike!!

I would also like to thank members of Yalding PC, for giving my vehicle access across the Lees Field on the day, which certainly made things easier for me.


The work party season is now underway, with the first one being carried out at Manor Pond on Saturday 18th March.
The following people were in attendance: David Wing, Dean Hawkins, David Bedwani, Dale Aldridge, Phil Oakeshott, Malcolm Corner and John Bygrave, and all gave a sterling performance in the art of caring for a fishery. The day started with the Rhododendrons and Bamboo being cut back along the pathways around the fishery, and the all the leaves and debris raked up to make access very easy. The day concluded with the removal of a large Birch tree being removed from the lake which was a monumental task, but has now ensured none of the large Carp will end up tethered to the tree attached to 'an angler's rig'.
All in all, we are sure that both the Manor Pond regulars and new visitors, will find the fishery very much to their liking.



Work party Volunteers at Manor Pond.

Work Carried out at the Snargate fishery by Dean Hawkins.


One hundred 10" Green Tench were stocked into the Snargate fishery on Wednesday 8th February. These fish will flourish in the fishery now it has been desilted, and with the 550 Crucian Carp which were stocked last year, anglers will soon reap the rewards of a well managed fishery. 

Green Tench Crucian Carp

Snargate now filled ready for fishing

Before and after, clearing of the undergrowth at the entrance
20170121_124644 20170121_140703

I was at our Snargate fishery today (21/01/2017) doing some work, I have attached some pictures for the website. I have also taken lots of photos, which I will email across as well, which show the de-silting taking place. If you could mention the work I did today, and the de-silting by the Environment Agency. Also we are stocking 100 x 8" - 10" Tench into the fishery in the next couple of weeks. The future looks very promising at last for our Snargate fishery. 












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