The CALPAC AGM will be held at The Thomas Wall Centre, 52, Benhill Avenue, Sutton Surrey, SM1 9DP @ 8pm sharp 31st March 2014.
(In the Library / room 14)
MEMBERS should attend as it has very important changes proposed that will affect YOUR Association, re subscriptions, night fishing and other matters.

General Secretary retiring
After 10 years the General Secretary is stepping down at the next AGM and CALPAC are looking for a replacement, preferably younger than the present one, the applicant should be computer savvy and use word processing, attend monthly meetings take minutes and write them up, the rest of the job is how the applicant wants to make it, it is a voluntary position. Contact the Chairman Bob Smith or tel 0773 664 5119
As stated above I'm also the web site master, but I will not be able to keep it up to date if I don't get reliable information, as from the 31st March please send all your snippets (as long as it has to do with CALPAC) to the Fisheries Officer Dean Hawkins: Tel 07957827088. and he will send them onto me for publishing, he will be in fact the editor of this site I will only carry out his wishes.
PS. Keep me busy!

CALPAC Christmas News Letter 2013

I begin this Newsletter with a personal deep sense of sadness, as I have to announce the forthcoming resignation of Malcolm Milford Scott as General Secretary of CALPAC. He has served CALPAC tirelessly for over twelve years, and for me personally, he is the reason I chose to remain a member, and serve on the committee. His work should be an inspiration to us all, as I am sure that any of you found as I did, if you contacted him regarding any issue, he would leave you feeling that CALPAC had your best interests at heart.
I do hope that as many of you as possible will attend the AGM on Monday 31st March 2014 to thank him personally, because he has always done his utmost to ensure that your CALPAC experience, would be one that you would always remember fondly.
There is always going to be a new position available to CALPAC members, when a committee member resigns. This may be your chance to put your own personal stamp on how you believe CALPAC should be run. The position of General Secretary carries many duties, most of which are easily carried out if you have reasonable word processing skills, and are happy to make the odd telephone call. From my own personal experience of taking on the role of Fisheries Officer, there is a specific blue print of what would be deemed to be core duties, any other work you choose to involve yourself in, is purely left to your own discretion. Time, as we know is a very precious commodity for us all, but without the position of General Secretary being filled, it will become very difficult for CALPAC to remain as a functioning association. So if there is anyone out there with a few hours to spare every month, and that really is all it needs to be, CALPAC would welcome your application for the position. This position really does need to be ready, with applicants willing to stand at the 2014 AGM, so the committee can continue implementing the improvements and benefits they have planned for all CALPAC's members.
As was reported in the Autumn newsletter, Snargate had received a stock input of 30 Carp and 250 Rudd. We are happy to report that during November, the Environment Agency added to the stock input through their own re-stocking programme. Their stock input consisted of; 100 Crucian Carp, 150 Rudd, 150 Roach and 50 Green Tench. If this proves to be successful after monitoring their survival rates, the programme will continue, until a healthy balance is reached to sustain the fishery. Good news indeed, I hope you agree!
We also received some good news from the Environment Agency regarding our stretch of the River Mole at Cobham. On Wednesday 4th December, as part of their work remit under the Water Framework Directive, they started their programme of re-stocking our section of the River Mole. They introduced one thousand two hundred and fifty new fish, of which the species were as follows; Barbel, Chub, Roach and Dace. This re- stocking programme is also going to be continued annually, until once again a healthy balance has been achieved.
Finally, the Officers and Committee would like to take this opportunity to wish all affiliated clubs and members of CALPAC, a very merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year. We look forward to your continued support during season 2014/15. Dean Hawkins. CALPAC Fisheries Officer.

Bulls Lock
Bulls Lock has been reworked!
Thanks to TAA (Thatcham Angling Association) Bulls Lock has been re-worked and this very pretty but small fishery has been transformed from an overgrown unfishable site to a usable and hopefully productive fishery...see the following photos.
We hope with this work it will encourage our members to use this underrated venue which has always produced good bags!
Swim 1 before
Swim 1 before
Swim 1 after
Swim 1 after
Swim 2 before
Swim 2 before
Swim 2 after
Swim 2 after
Swim 3 before
Swim 3 before
Swim 3 after
Swim 3 after

To All our Members who would like a monthly update on CALPAC matters.
Every month CALPAC have a Delegates meeting at which the Affiliated Clubs are represented and so are the ordinary members, the affiliated clubs get a copy of the minutes of the Delegates meeting sent to their members secretary but to get this information to our ordinary members we need to have your contact details.
By filling in the
contact form giving your membership number and your e-mail address we will add you to our e-mail list and every month you will get a copy of the Delegates meeting. if you have any query about any of the meetings you can ask a question using the contact form and we will do our best to include it in the next meeting, we cannot guarantee replying to all the questions submitted but they will be voiced at the appropriate meeting.
A great deal of work is being done at the moment to improve our members experience of our waters and we do need feed back to enable us to come up with the goods. What must be stated is that CALPAC is a fully Voluntary Association and the funds come only from our members subscriptions
Our meetings are held at The Thomas Wall Centre, 52 Benhill Avenue, Sutton Surrey. SM1 9DP. Every first Monday of the month except when it is a Bank Holiday then it will be the second Monday.
Time of the meeting is from 8:00pm till 10:00pm.
You have to be a current member to use this facility.

Autumn News Letter
A very informative read
Autumn Newsletter 2013

Good News
Snargate Weed cutting
Snargate has had its annual weed cut and Section 'A' has had a lot of work put into it by the EA and CALPAC with it's introduction of new stock of Carp & Silver Fish is ready and waiting to be fished by Members and Day Ticket holders (obtainable from the Treasurer John Bygrave tel 020 8777 9489) the swims are all cut and ready for your attention…tight lines. Please send a report in here!
River Kennet Padworth
CALPAC & TAA (Thatcham Angling Association) have made an agreement whereby TAA members can fish the CALPAC stretch of the River Kennet at Padworth and Bulls Lock.
CALPAC rules apply to ALL, including the NEW rule of
NO BOILIES to be taken on to or used on these venues.
The agreement will be posted as soon as it is signed and scanned into this and the TAA website.
Start date for the agreement is
Saturday 21st September 2013 at dawn.

Rod licence SCAM
Do NOT buy your rod licence from they will surcharge to the sum of a minimum of £11:00. Look on the web and see the warnings given out by fishing periodicals and The Angling Trust.

You should either buy from the POST OFFICE or on line from this address: EA will NOT charge you for applying on line.

Manor Pond will be closed from 6am Monday 16th Sept till Friday evening 20th Sept. This is for weed clearing (Potamogeton) the contractor Aquamaintain will be on site to remove the weed and to treat the water with a non toxic dye (food dye) No fishing will be allowed during this period.

Good news, Snargate has had an injection of new fish, approximately 250 Rudd (between 6 - 8oz) and 30 Carp (between 1 - 7lb) in section 'A' on the members map.

Padworth ORSU
Below is a photo of the 'ORSU'
Already habited by fry

padworth relief channel 007

The surrounding area of the ORSU will need to be tidied up and some planting to take place.

Due to the displacement of the footpath adjacent to the ORSU a new path has been provided and we would ask all users to use this path, all swims have been made accessible from this new path and NOT to use the old path as we wish the habitat to expand from the river bank to the new footpath so allowing the wildlife a larger corridor adjacent to the bank.
Many thanks to Dean Hawkins, Malcolm Corner, Ken Swan & MM-S for work on the fishery.
More work to be carried out 23rd August, volunteers will be welcome start at 10:30 ish bring rakes and hand sickles (scythes).

Padlock @ Balls Green
Could ALL Members who use this venue and enter by the field gate PLEASE lock the gate in tandem (series) with the non CALPAC lock this will enable the School access to their playing fields.
Thank you

New for Manor Pond. Starting from 1st April 2013 the Pond will be open for Members and Temporary Members. Temporary Members Tickets in advance only. One rod £10:00 two rods £12:00 to obtain Temporary members ticket by post one week in advance contact Mr J Bygrave. 419 Wickham Road. Shirley. Croydon. CR0 8DP, telephone to call and get ticket one day in advance 020 8777 9489. Max of five tickets per day no night fishing allowed on Temporary members tickets ______________________________________________________________________________

1st Sperringbrook Sewer Snargate Tree Planting: on

Saturday 16th February, overcast, cool and dry perfect conditions for planting.

The Day went well 28 named volunteers turned up with half a dozen unnamed from far and wide. Dean had the local press there, who unfortunately came just before the tree planting took place but nevertheless they took pictures and will appear in next weeks local paper.
The named volunteers:-

Dean, Liz, Malcolm, Malcolm, John, Peter, Ray, David, Mary, Mark + Niece, Dave, Kim, Ken, Mark, Cynthia, Eoin, Andrew, Mandy, Julie, Stanley, Sue, George, Andy, Lyn, Paul, Rajan and his brother,

Between them they planted the following trees:
Tree List
Alnus (Common Alder)
Quercus Robur (English Oak)
Almus Glabra (Wych Elm)
Almus Minor (Field Elm)
Malus Sylvestris (Crab Apple)
Prunus Avium (Wild Cherry)
Crategus Monogyna (Hawthorn)
Prunus Spinosa (Blackthorn/Sloe)
A veritable dream for the foragers amongst us!!

Snargate Feb 2013

A few photos of some of the willing volunteers

DSC09944DSC09945DSC09947DSC09946DSC09949DSC099482013-02-16 14.04.302013-02-16 14.03.382013-02-16 14.03.59
CALPAC have been with the aid of the EA refurbishing our fishery at Snargate, if you have been reading the reports from Dean Hawkins you will remember that swims have been added and the main drain has been re-sculptured with provisions for platforms etc.
A part of the refurbishing is the planting of saplings of which CALPAC have gratefully received a donation of several hundred which are to be planted on
Sat 16th February 2013

Pulborough (Arun) season tickets are now on sale at the 'Corn Store' - Price £40:00

CLOSED during the 'CLOSE' Season
15th March - 15th June

Single permit for the River Arun at 'Swan Meadow' (Pulborough) These can be obtained from the Treasurer, John Bygrave. 419, Wickham Road, Croydon, CR0 8DP Tel 020 8777 9489.
Price £40.00 (no joining fee) valid from 16th June 2013 to 14th March 2014.
Also Day Tickets can be bought from The Corn Store (Swan Bridge) Tuesday through to Sunday during shop opening hours.
Mon - Closed
Tue - Fri - 9.30am - 4.30pm
Sat - 10.00am - 4.30pm
Sun - 11.00am - 4.30pm.
You MUST have a current EA rod licence before fishing any CALPAC venue.

Day tickets are available at Teapot Island (Closed for the winter), contact Mr or Mrs Blazye. Fishing allowed between dawn and dusk during the coarse fishing season. (15th June to 14th March)

Clarification of rules at Stew Pond. There has been confusion regarding the use of bivvies and tents at Stew Pond. We have obtained a clear ruling from Epsom and Ewell Council that you are NOT allowed to erect any tent or bivvy at the Stew Pond. UMBRELLAS ONLY can be used as shelters & NO FIRES OF ANY DESCRIPTION ARE ALLOWED ON THIS VENUE. Bailiffs have been made aware of this.

Keep Nets:
All Anglers, remember use of keep net is restricted to MATCHES only, see
RULE 4 (Fisheries), Club Members books & Associate Members books. During the hot weather with low oxygen levels it is detrimental to keep any fish in keep nets, please be responsible and restrict the use of keep nets to club matches only - bailiffs will enforce this ruling by asking the offender to leave the fishery.

I have very kindly been given the translation from O/S location to GPS location by Colin DANN, many thanks Colin.
For Rota Bookings click here
CALPAC Data Protection Policy
Membership details including name, address, telephone Nº and date of birth are held for each member of CALPAC in electronic format on a computer.
Why does CALPAC hold membership data and what is it used for?
CALPAC uses membership data to assist with the effective running of Club activities. Confirmation of membership details may also be required by our insurers in the event of potential claims arising from the actions of Club members or from activities organised by CALPAC.
CALPAC may share aggregated membership data (no personal details) with third parties in order to secure commercial sponsorship or grant funding. No third party will be permitted by the club to contact members without prior permission being obtained from the members concerned. No third party will be permitted to use membership data for any purpose which may impact on the legal rights or welfare of the members without the express permission of the individuals concerned. CALPAC may distribute appropriate promotional material on behalf of third parties, such as  sponsors, to members from time to time together other with Club information.
Can members gain access to their personal record held by CALPAC
Unless restricted by law, all members may request a copy of their own membership data held by the club by applying in writing to the Membership Secretary. The club is entitled to charge a fee of up to £10 for this service. A club member may only obtain access to their own record and not data about any other individual.

Flood Damage Yalding 1
It has been reported that there is debris on the towpath and that the footbridge about halfway along the fishery has been moved by the flood and is unstable and should be used with caution: see photos below. Thanks to Ray Wilkinson for the photos





Flooding at Padworth
Thanks to Laurie Hopgood for the photos

Padworth floods jan 2014 001-3

Padworth floods jan 2014 002-3


The River Mole @ Cobham (CALPAC Section) having it's yearly injection of fish to conform to the European Water Framework Directive on biodiversity of rivers in the UK. This will continue until such time the biodiversity levels have reached the recommended levels.



Snargate have had an injection of new stock from the EA last week 4th November,
fish from Calverton Fish Farm were being delivered today! Stock them into the Speringbrook . The fish being stocked for the trial period, were; 100 Crucian Carp, 150 Roach, 150 Rudd and 50 Green Tench. This will hopefully help to begin a new chapter in the life of the Speringbrook Sewer. See photos below x 2

Speringbrook sewer 2 stocking 041113

Speringbrook sewer stocking 041113

Bogus Bailiffs
If you are approached by a bailiff and asked for your EA licence and or fishing permit / day ticket and they are not displaying their ID ask to see theirs first, if they do not have an ID then if possible photograph them and report them to the EA and or your local police.
There has been reports of bogus EA bailiffs giving on the spot fines. EA bailiffs when checking permits / licences always work in pairs and will have their ID on display and will NOT give on the spot fines.

Have you caught a "Specimen" if so download our "Specimen Claim Form here
Specimen Claim Form

Click for Work Party Dates

Work was started on the River Mole @ Cobham Car Park
Thanks to Burhill Estates for strimming the surface just before supplying the materials for the new car park adjacent to the A3 overhead road bridge. It was laid out and covered in bark and leaf litter to slow down the growth of weeds.

Thanks to Dean H, Malcolm M-S, John B, Phil O and Dave B for all the hard work put into this project, photos kind permission of Dean H.

2012-06-09 16.17.562012-06-09 16.18.012012-06-09 16.24.032012-06-09 16.24.412012-06-09 16.25.13

This is some of the work being done at the CALPAC Padworth Car Park.
Many thanks to Dean Hawkins, Malcolm Milford-Scott, Terry Holder and the un-named phantom bucket driver!
Members who hold a CALPAC key can now park off road. Remember, the TV Police and Reading Police are after swelling their coffers with your money especially if you park (even) off road on a blind bend on a narrow bridge. - You have been warned!

IMGP0501 Day one, Dean leaning into his shovel

Padworth Car Park 3 Day two, cleared area ready for parking.


Car park June 2010


Car park June 2010

Please Note.
All our STILL Waters are now Cefas Certified as of 04/07/09

CALPAC Bailiff Recruitment.

CALPAC want to recruit three more bailiffs for our stretch of the GUC (between bridge 191 and 200 Yiewsley to Hayes) the work is voluntary but the bailiff will receive a percentage of each day ticket sold. day ticket books, warrant card are provided free if you are interested contact

Mr John Bygrave 020 8777 9489
The Chairman Bob Smith