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Stew Pond: Members & Day ticket. (Closed during the 'Close' season)

9/7/15 just to let you know there was two pike caught this week one 6 lb one 4lb . Alf Duffy

The Stew Pond is being under fished at the moment and those anglers who have fished it have had good results: Fishing well.
16th June 2015:
The old boy in the corner caught tench and bream, one of the carp anglers caught 18lb common carp, a 13lb red and brown Koi, several bream and roach, all in good condition.   

Another carp angler caught a 17lb common, i caught a small carp and a bream (lost both) and there were several others caught. Everybody had a good day, everybody had the right equipment, except one lad who turned up with just two rods. We refused to let him fish, but he did a deal with another fisherman to borrow the use of his equipment. There was just one angler with a tent up, i made him take it down. 

Everybody is looking forwards to coming back because they all enjoyed themselves and a new angler will definitely be joining. 

A good first day.


Manor Pond: - Members only.
5 1/2lb Bream see
photo S Arbuckle!
Fishing gossip: very recently during the month of August an angler (name withheld) landed an 11lb Bream, a proper 'dustbin lid'.

Southwark & Camberwell A.S. match report. for 13.7.14. at Manor Pond. Ray Wilkinson 24lb five bream 1 roach. Ron Moore 7lb 14oz roach and rudd. Gary 4lb. 6oz roach and rudd.

Kevin Gallagher 26.08.2013 I brought a days membership to fish manor pond and was not disappointed. I had 5 bream all between 6 - 7lb on sweetcorn and one small tench on krill boily none of the big carp that are there made a showing. as a non member, fishing on a day ticket I was made to feel very welcome by other members and I will be coming back again.

River Mole (Cobham): Members & Day ticket. (Closed during the 'Close' season)
This fishery is underused and those who have fished it have had good results with Chub, Barbel, Roach, Bream and an unsubstantiated Zander.

Fishing gossip: and unnamed angler allegedly landed a double figure BARBEL somewhere along the CALPAC stretch! During the month of August.

I fished the Mole on Saturday the stretch between the bridges, caught a load of small Dace and Roach. The weeds were back so had to stamp down a lot of it to open a few swims.John Colman 24.6.2014

ken Menet has made a comment on the trip "Third River Mole":
Having seen the work that has been done on the mole and car parking i can only congratulate all those that have put so much time and effort into this project. what more could you want than a night on manor the an early morning on a loverly stretch of river with easy access. really looking forward to getting to this venue.
8th August 11: Hi all.Fished the river mole for the first time since joining CALPAC this year and only the 3rd time on a river. I trotted about 10 different swims with maggots and bread. some really hard to fish cos of room and over grown with nettles but I had a great 6 hours catching tonnes of tiddlers and a few chub, biggest about 1.5lb. Scorching day, sweated buckets but will defo go again. Any info and tips would be appreciated. - kevin de-ritis
NOTE: The more anglers that fish this venue the less overgrown it will become: - So lets have some more anglers using this venue.
Fished the Mole on Sunday 16th June 2013 had a 4lb Pike. Was the first time fishing a river. The top end is very overgrown with nettles but away from the bridge the swims are more open: John Colman

Padworth (Kennet): - Members only. (Closed during the 'Close' season)
Car Park
The car park is now useable and should be used. KEY IS REQUIRED.
Dean Hawkins 25-26th July 2015.
Having visited Padworth this week with a guest, I was optimistic about our chances of landing a Barbel or two. This would have been made more possible though if I hadn't had a senior moment coupled with a bit of bad luck. Firstly having lost two Barbel and a decent Chub on the float, using a size 18 hook, I decided to late in the day a larger hook would have been more appropriate. Secondly I decided to finish the session on the bomb with a pellet for bait. 30 minutes later the rod arched round, the centrepin screamed and a large Barbel was on, but within 5 minutes I was snagged. I waded out to the snag and after following the line down for a couple of feet found the snag. After pulling hard for a while, the snag came free and revealed a 36 inch landing net, minus my fish. I  removed the broken net from the river, and preceded to remove lots of rigs that were obviously lost in the snag. I would like to reassure other anglers that the snag will not cause a any more problems in the steps swim, so I wish you all tight lines. Ps. Make sure you use appropriate size hooks though! 

I finally managed to get my first Barbel 11lb 3oz, last night in the swim between the Perch swim and the Willow tree. So thanks for your advice.John Colman 24 Jun 2014

as from 26/06/2015

The Padworth Fishery has undergone extensive works during the close season, to ensure the anglers experience is more comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. We would like to request, that members are sympathetic to the works that were carried out, and refrain from disturbing any 'new' plants in or around the swims. Members are permitted as usual, to trim any 'established' plants that may be inhibiting their fishing experience.

since rejoining the club after a break of some 16 years I have to say that the Kennet fishing has been excellent with a pleasing amount of younger Barbel showing (in the 2lb to 4lb class) along with great access and a lack of litter well done to all involved. Best Regards Jim Perrin

Dear Mr Milford-Scott
 I just wanted to thank you for the helpful advice you gave during our phone conversation on Tuesday re parking/fishing at Padworth.
Having not fished the stretch for over 15 years I visited it on Wednesday and was pleasantly surprised to find the venue in excellent shape with no litter anywhere and the swims comfortably accessible – The key and padlock worked a treat.
The fishing had changed slightly with the old hemp and caster approach being replaced by pellet and paste but the Barbel were still obliging. I managed 5 fish to 8lb  - all of them in top condition and had a most enjoyable day.
 Many thanks again – I won’t leave it as long for my next trip down there!
Jim Perrin

Mike Lee
7 / 8 August: Further to the recent fishery report in the CALPAC minutes I caught three barbel, 6-8, 8-8 and 9-8 from the same swim over two days earlier in the month, Caught at 10.30am, 6.15pm and 6.45am. All on hair rig with crab pellet on a bed of hemp put in with bait dropper. I did not see another angler on the fishery all the time I was there. Picture attached is of the biggest barbel

I fished the Kennet at Padworth yesterday roving with a trotting rod and maggots. I caught lots of dace which came from every swim I tried. I also had a chub of about three pounds and had the hook pull out of two bigger fish one of which felt like a barbel. I also fished there about two weeks ago using the same methods and managed six chub to four pounds, a few dace and three trout! The barbel fishing seems hard at the moment but I have never known so many dace in my sixteen years of fishing Padworth. Terry Birks

Bulls Lock (Kennet): - Members only. (Closed during the 'Close' season)
No reports yet on this very under used fishery.
I have been promised more reports but nothing has appeared in my inbox so the secrets of Bulls Lock remain!!!

Sulhamstead (Kennet): - Members & Day ticket. (Closed during the 'Close' season)

PLEASE NOTE: Access to the Sulhamstead fishery has been re-opened 20/8/12

Reported 16/07/2015: Chub to over a 1lb with lots of Dace caught by trotting tactics.

John Coleman 14.9.14
Fished Sulhamstead today for the first time had a load of Perch up to 8oz, 3lb in total some Chub up to 11oz and some Pike trying to eat my catches.
Result of Southwark & Camberwell A.S.
Bernard West won with 6lb 8oz mixed small fish, Brother Brian was second with similar for 4lb 3oz, Gary Johnson was third with 4lb 2oz.
Ray Wilkinson reports: - Brian West won the day with 5lb. 8oz. small fish, Gary Johnson was second with 5lb. 1oz. Bernard West was third with 3lb. 11oz. there were six boats moored on our section making it difficult to find a swim. There did not appear to be any recently used fishing spots. I took the numbers of boats moored for your records, 515416, 61686, ELISSINE could not see a number, 520349, 506078 and 512711 both moved off during the morning.

River Arun: (Pulborough) Day ticket & Members. (Closed during the 'Close' season)

4/9/12 Trevor James. Ask anglers on the Arun to look out for long lines around the surface water outlet. As they walk downstream on our side look to the far bank for plastic drinks bottle on the surface if not moving with the flow it is tethered to the long line. Please remove and destroy, Dispose of at home not on the river bank - Please.

Hi Malcolm
tried to fish the river yesterday. Forgot to ask for the padlock key but not a problem scaling the gate. I walked just about the whole stretch - the river looked great but there were deep nettles between 10 an 20 feet from the waters edge the length of the fishable bank. So it was impossible to fish. Shame the field isn't land managed as the grass made it very tricky to pull my trolley through (2 feet high in most places). Will definitely return and have a go in the autumn when hopefully the nettles have died back as there are some great bends and overhangs. 
Saw quite a lot of fish movement there. Ended up going back to my local fishery in Lancing and had a 12lb mirror despite the blowy day so not all lost.
kind regards Damia

Having moved to worthing i have fished the Arun about five times in the last four weeks, I have never fished a tidal river before and didn't really know what to expect. I started of by fishing the few swims there are close to the bridge and have found these stretches very weedy but by trotting a float with maggots I've had lots of fun with small roach, small chub and gudgeon, Ive also tried trotting with other baits like corn,bread and meat without any success, but if anyone like fishing for eels I recommend using a feeder with maggots or meat as I've had them up to about 4lbs. The last couple of times I've been I've fished further down stream, the swims are much easier to fish and with overhanging trees and the river not being so weedy there seems to be a lot more potential for a larger chub (which i have seen) or one of those very hard to catch barbel that i know are there. from speaking to local people I've heard that in the winter the big pike are in abundance and big shoals of big bream are there if you can locate them so might be worth giving it a try. I will be there again on the 28th oct with two other members and will be fishing the far end of the fishery looking for those specimen fish we know are there, report to follow. Ken Menet.
27/7/12 I went to visit the CALPAC stretch of the Arun with John Bygrave and we met up with two day ticket members who were catching Roach and while we were there Kevin caught a 6lb Bream, whilst John Bygrave was talking to them I walked up to the end of the venue and met up with a Pulborough only ticket member who was trying for Carp / Chub / Barbel with no success his friend who I sold a day ticket to had been catching Roach and a couple of Bream, the river was running off and was half way through it's tide cycle.

This page is reliant on reports sent through to the webmaster on the Contact Form

Yalding 1 (Medway): Members & Day tickets can be got at Teapot Island. (Closed during the 'Close' season)
Date: Wed, 8 Jul 2015 10:23:17 +0100
Your Name: Rob Bruty
Membership Nº (if member) if not, please put your initials: 2207
Your Email Address:
Venue: Yalding 1
Date of report: 8th July 2015
Subject: Medway Yalding 1
Report: Have been fishing Yalding 1 over last couple of weeks. Have had a few Bream (including a 7lb fish) and some Roach to 10oz. Been using bread flake (float & feeder)

Yalding 2 (Medway): Members only. (Closed during the 'Close' season)

Date of report: 10.8.15
Subject: Match result
Report: Southwark & Camberwell A.S. result 1st Gary Johnson 11lb 11oz, 2nd Ray Wilkinson 8lb 12oz. 3rd Ron Moore 6lb 7oz. Catches included bream to 3lb 12oz and roach to 15oz.

Report: Southwark & Camberwell A.S. result 10.8.14. Yalding 2. Bernard West won with 14lb 7oz, Ray Wilkinson was 2nd with 9lb 11oz, Gary Johnson was 3rd with 7lb 1oz.
The River Beult section of the Yalding 2 Fishery will be closed on Saturday 5th July. This is to allow us to complete the tree pruning aspect of our 3 year fishery plan.20.6.2014

Date of report: 19.8.13 Subject: Match result Report: Southwark & Camberwell A.S. match result yesterday Ray Wilkinson 12lb. 6oz. roach and small skimmers. Ron Moore 9lb. 5oz., Roy west was third with 6lb. 5oz.
Tiese at Yalding 1: Members & Day tickets can be got at Teapot Island. (Closed during the 'Close' season)
Dean Hawkins : 30/8/11 I created the only available swim so far today on the Teise. It was worth doing though as it's the only section of river that is deeper than 150mm. Trotted flake and sweetcorn for an hour and had 3 Chub of just under a pound, saw some larger fish as well.

Beult at Yalding 2: Members only. (Closed during the 'Close' season)
No reports on this fishery.

Snargate (Sperringbrook Sewer): Members & Day tickets. (Closed during the 'Close' season)

Message from Dean Hawkins 06/08/2015:
Most swims at Snargate are accessible, You can park your car alongside your chosen swim. This should remain so whilst the ground remains firm underfoot.  Please do take a rake along though to clear the weed in the water. 

This fishery is under going restoration by the EA with fishing platforms in the process of being installed sometime this year and a possibility of re-stocking.
August 2013 CALPAC have introduced approximately 250 Rudd and 30 Carp. In October the EA introduced
100 Crucian Carp, 150 Roach, 150 Rudd and 50 Green Tench. This will hopefully help to begin a new chapter in the life of the Sperringbrook Sewer.

Grand Union Canal (GUC): Members & Day tickets. Open all year Spent 5 hours fishing about 200 yards West of bridge 196. This is located conveniently alongside The Swallows cafe, adjacent to the local Driving Test Centre, in Swallowfield Avenue. There is access to the towpath via a sloping footpath,ok today but could be slippery in winter. Tried meat, halibut pellets, Marukyu soft hooker pellets,sweetcorn, bread. One rod on float, one rod on groundbait feeder.All I caught was a 3lb branch, and as I was just packing up, a 4 ton canal boat... I did see some ducks catch a few small silver fish, and there were a few fish rising occasionally. Some passers-by told me there were carp and bream being caught in the vicinity of Bulls Bridge, near the big Tesco store. It is not easy to see from your website map if this is within your stretch or not, it would be helpful if one could enlarge the map to clearly see road numbers and names etc. (Note from webmaster. - I will see if the web programme will allow the enlarging of the map)